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Resources to help get us all going with paddle sports!

 Beginning Kayaking
 Beginning Canoeing
 Beginning Paddle Boarding

 Beginning Paddle Board Strokes
 Common Beginner Paddle Board Mistakes
 Beginning Windsurfing
 Windsurfing Rigging/Un-rigging
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BCYC now has seven single kayaks, one 2-person kayak, four windsurfers, one canoe and three stand-up paddle boards for your use as a BCYC Member!

Please be sure to sign out on the big white board in the, time, equipment being used and which direction you think you are paddling in!  Like with the Capris it is always good to file a “float plan” for safety.  Also please sign out on the Paddle Sports Bulletin Board located to the right of the club computer in the Clubhouse so we can have an idea of what equipment is getting used.

Life Jackets

These are stored in the grey shed to the west of the Clubhouse.  After using please be sure to rinse the salt water off and then hang up in a manner that will allow it to dry without mildewing.  Look for a jacket with a whistle or better yet, bring your own whistle, great safety item.  Don’t forget your water shoes!

Paddle Sports Storage Shed

This is the white storage shed enclosure ATTACHED to the back of the BCYC Clubhouse.  It is accessed with a PADLOCK THAT UTILIZES THE CLUBHOUSE KEY.  Paddleboards, windsurfers, paddles, kayak seats, paddle board ankle leashes, windsurfer sails, rigging etc are stored here.  Please be sure to relock the door. 


The kayaks are on the kayak rack to the west of the BCYC Clubhouse.  These kayaks are secured with cable locks which HAVE THE SAME COMBINATION AS THE FRONT GATE.  When you are unlocking the cables, please look at how the cables are threaded through the kayaks so that you can relock the kayaks securely.  Each cable secures several kayaks.  The kayak seats and paddles are stored in the Paddle Sports Storage Shed which is the white shed attached to the back wall of the BCYC Clubhouse.  This is accessed with a PADLOCK THAT UTILIZES THE CLUBHOUSE KEY

Paddle Boards

The Club's three paddle boards are stored in the Paddle Sports Storage Room along with their paddles and the "all important Ankle Leash" you need to use when paddle boarding!  There are two adult boards and one smaller board for lighter weight individuals.


The four windsurfers are stored in the Paddle Sports Storage Room. There are two beginner boards which are nice and wide and quite stable.  Then there are two advanced boards which require “water starts.”   The rigging, sails, etc are all stored in the Storage Room.  In addition to the instructional video link listed here, there is also a handout regarding rigging a windsurfer which was handed out at one of our periodic Windsurfer Classes.  YOU TUBE has a wealth of information with just an easy click. A great place to practice your windsurfing is the beach behind the Lions Club.  This does require getting the equipment over to the beach, best done with extra hands and one of the BCYC small boat trailers.


The canoe is stored in the area just behind the Paddle Sports Storage Room.  Paddles in the Storage Room.

Places to Paddle:

Clam Bayou Nature Preserve is a great place to paddle.  Good wildlife viewing (see the osprey nests to the west of the Preserve).  Nice protected waters in most wind conditions.  Great spot to peacefully paddle, or just float!  This is a closed inlet that straddles Gulfport and St. Petersburg’s Clam Bayou Nature Preserves.  There are some signs that mark a kayak trail.  But there is quite a bit of territory you can paddle that isn’t marked, so go adventuring...just pay attention so that you know how to get back out of the winding mangroves!

Paddling along the coast of Boca Ciega towards “Town” takes you past “O’Maddy’s, Caddy’s, Casino, volleyball courts, through the anchorage and along the Gulfport paddle.  Just be careful if you go under the Pier (fishing lines).  If you take your own kayak cable lock ($15 Walmart---special cable that fits through kayak “scupper/drain holes”), you can lock the kayak up on the railing behind the Casino and wander into town for a coffee/cocktail/cruise of Tuesday Morning Market!  Just be sure to carry your paddle/seat with you as they can’t be secured.  The paddleboards aren’t an option if you want to hop into town as they can’t be locked up.

Don’t forget your WATER SHOES!  Launching at the boat ramp is much easier if you aren’t slipping around.  Dry bags are nice to bring as well, especially if you are cruising over to Tuesday Morning Market and possible shopping opportunities!


There are some video links above and YOU TUBE videos offer a wealth of information with just a quick click!

Did you know the average price of an hour of kayak or paddle board rental is about what your monthly BCYC dues are?  So get out and enjoy!

Photos of us doing fun things... (check out the photos on the Photo Gallery page!)

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