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Sea Scout Ship 915 “Intrepid” ~ This Year’s Accomplishments

So what has this co-ed High School Sailing Club been doing this year?

December 2016 

Two of the Sea Scouts successfully completed their Quartermaster service projects….

One planned the craft corner for the annual Festival of Trees in Largo.



The other designed, planned, and organized a project to build a new chicken coop for her high school agricultural class.



After decorating Mirage, the Sea Scouts placed fourth in BCYC'S annual Lighted Boat Parade!




November 2016 Cat's Paw Regatta

BCYC’c Sea Scouts competed in the 2016 Cats Point Regatta in November. The regatta is a nationally sanctioned event. It is the biggest and most complete regatta in the southern region of BSA.

September & October 2016

After a club member donated Mirage to the sea scouts, many hands worked hard to refurbish it and return it to the water. 

The sea scouts spent a beautiful summer evening having fun on the water, while some lessons were learned in the clubhouse… Spaghetti anyone??? Fundraisers help support the programs that include

Sea Scout Ship 915 hosted a sailing weekend for Boy Scout Troop 61.

June 2016

In June, Sea Scouts helped instruct young kids during Youth Sailing!

And they’re off to win a race on a breezy summer night!

The Sea Scouts went skiing instead of sailing after Tropical Storm Colin tried to flood Florida!


April 2016

Sea Scouts serving dinner as a fundraiser  before the boat clubs general meeting.

Sea Scouts cleaned the Salt Creek Marina in exchange for a free boat haul out. 

During Fun Day, the scouts took visitors to their free boat ride.

Putting their homemade boat into the water at the Apollo Beach Regatta.

They're off the win a race on a Wednesday night sail out. 

January & February 2016

To help Gulfport with their Coastal Cleanup, the Sea Scouts went out in kayaks to clean the waters of litter, such as cups,and an old boat ladder.

Sea Scouts do a sailing and seamanship training during winter months to help advance their knowledge of boating and to advance them in what they do during the year.

2016 Regatta Racing - Check out the Sea Scouts!


Submitted by Sea Scout, Jason Wisdom

and Advisor, Ruth Peterson


What would you think when you hear someone scream, “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!”  across the bay? This is what was yelled at the 2015 Cats Point Regatta hosted by Ship 915 and 912 at BCYC.


FIRE IN THE HOLE !!!”, repeatedly echoed across the channel from BCYC’s seawall the weekend of November 7-9th.  That’s what happens when boaters donate their old and out of date flares and flare guns to a group of 100 plus Sea Scouts and advisors.  And no one was arrested for setting them off!


The Cats Point Regatta is jointly hosted by BCYC’s Ship 915 and Eckerd College’s Ship 912.  The name chosen for this event came from a local legend about the town of Gulfport, which was once a sleepy fishing village. Local fishermen frequently returned from a day’s work through the pass on Boca Ciega Bay that’s near channel marker 13.  There were no condos in those days. The fishermen would stop on their way back to clean their fish on the beach along the SW corner of the bay. A few local cats soon arrived for a banquet of fish heads, guts and various other delicacies. Eventually a few cats became many and the point of land acquired the noble title, ‘Cats Point’ It was just a point at that time, with no bridge to what is now Isla Del Sol, and the ICS ran thru the cut. That channel leads to the waters near Eckerd College. The point is also half way between the homes of BCYC’s Ship 915 and Eckerd College’s Ship 912. Since the two ships jointly host the annual regatta, naming it Cats Point became a logical choice.




 Sea Scouts and Venturing Scouts from across Florida compete in activities and events that are carefully designed to be fun, and provide rewarding opportunities to build competitive “Watch” crew spirit. Half of the final score for the weekend is taken from the results of racing Sunfish and  Catalina 16’s. The other half of their score is compiled from action based land events such as Flakey Rags; Head in the Clouds; Heave Flick and Toss; Speak, See and Hear No Evil; Rounding the Bitter End; Flag Your Ensign; What Kind of Boat; Bilge Action; and Bend & Douse. Can you translate the titles into layman terms? Hint: Flakey Rags stands for Sail Folding! J


Gulfport’s Fire Engine #17 arrived Saturday evening for a lesson in fire extinguisher handling. After listening to a detailed lesson indoors, scouts were able to practice proper procedures for putting a fire out safely.  No one was able to douse the propane- fueled cradle of fire the firefighters brought with them for this experience. But, they sure had fun trying


Now, back to the sea wall. Imagine the fun of learning a very serious lesson by shooting off out of date flares and flare guns! The night sky lit up with the blaze.  ”Fire in the hole!!! “ echoed every time a gun was pointed skyward!


Rounding out the activities on Sunday, the scouts attended a short non-denominational service, and a canoe tug-of-war.  You don’t get muddy in this version but the competition can be pretty fierce. The regatta was culminated with the Presentation of Awards.


If you are interested in Sea Scouts, call the S.S. Ship 915 Skipper to make plans for a Wednesday night visit and to pick up your membership packet for your personal passport to adventure. 

Skipper Tony Angel (727) 459-7900,

Exec Officer  Joel Heyne (727) 599-3350

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