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Tony Angel

Garth Reynolds brought his 23ft. Beneteau into his new dry slip this month. After a week of clean-up he decided to launch VIVE... and that’s where the fun started. He carefully backed the boat down to the ramp and the ramp took over from there. The hitch was loose and so was VIVE. She took that trailer right into slip number 2 and dropped her off 5 feet of water. Well that’s a flag.

Did you ever have a day when everything just goes from bad to worse? Garth has! After he retrieved his trailer and pulled VIVE out he forgot that he had a tongue extension on as he whizzed around the yard to scoot the boat back in her dry slip. As he turned the corner on the west end he clipped MISS PIGGY with the extension and knocked her off of her trailer. They say there is no such thing as “a bad day sailing” … I don’t know about that, but Garth gets 2 very original flags for his bad day sailing.

Capt. Richard Walters decided to get involved in Tuesday night racing last month. Now we all know that Richard can be a risk taker on occasion. On the first race he decided that a course
through the anchored vessels would be the most direct course to marker #16. That may be true but not if you try to drive a 16 ft. Catalina over the anchor rode of a 38 ft. vessel.

Do that once, and you fit in with the Tuesday night racers...but snag the same boat twice in one evening and you have to get a flag as a memory jogger.

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