Boca Ciega Yacht Club

March Monthly Potluck

  • 03/19/2016
  • 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
  • BCYC Clubhouse

And now!  It’s time for:
The Jeopardy Game Show Dinner!
Saturday, March 19 at BCYC

For 10 points.   Your Jeopardy Category is:  Types of Dinners

And the answer is:
“Swanson, Banquet, and Libbyland are examples of this classic game show meal.”  (Your answer must be in the form of a question.)

“What are TV Dinners?” 

That’s right, members.  Your meal theme for this month’s club dinner is TV dinners.  (Don’t try to bring one.)

Contestants needed.
Your post dinner program is a real live game show: “Jeopardy for Sailors”
Two rounds, plus Final Jeopardy. 

Our format is:  Three teams of two members.  Each member plays one round alone, then combine for Final Jeopardy.

The “answers” are not for beginners.  Experienced sailors only, please.  (Instructors, cruisers, racers, boat designers, etc.)  So, if you have “game,” contact me in advance to

insure an opportunity to play.

Nancy Bennett (dinner specialist)
Dan Chesnut  (game show host)

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